Chocolate Off the Shoulder SALE!

 Wahine Toa's Chocolate Brown Off the Shoulder Loungewear

 Wahine Toa's Chocolate Brown Off the Shoulder Loungewear, now in delicious chocolate brown. A new addition to our latest winter collection, this plush and super-soft off the shoulder jumper promises to provide the ultimate in comfort and style.

Crafted from a luxurious blend of 50% Cotton Fleece and 50% Polyester, this thick off the should jumper guarantees cozy warmth and effortless, laid-back elegance.

Showcasing our signature Tamoko, beautifully embroidered on the front, this loungewear embodies the essence of Wahine Toa. Wear it with pride, knowing that every detail, blends chic elegance and versatility.

Luxurious Blend: Our loungewear set is expertly crafted with a blend of 50% Cotton Fleece and 50% Polyester, ensuring exceptional durability, thickness, and warmth.

Oversized Comfort: Runs large! Embrace roomy comfort with the off the shoulder jumper's oversized design, providing a relaxed and fashionable style.


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