At Wahine Toa Apparel, we believe that looking good and feeling confident go hand in hand. That's why we're offering two lucky winners the opportunity to receive personalised styling advice and recommendations from our knowledgeable team. Each winner will walk away with the activewear garments selected for your body shape worth $400 and a Makeover!!!!

Join us at Wahine Toa on our new mission;

"How to Style for your Body shape."

We want to help wahine of all ages and sizes learn how to dress for your particular body shape.  Our styling team will make it easy for you, no more guess work when you go shopping in the future, no more changing room dilemmas, our team of experts will guide you through. We will help outline specific garments that you should be investing in so you can shop with confidence knowing that each piece has been carefully selected to flatter your unique shape and style.

 During the styling session, our experts will assist you like a big sister, the big sister we wish we all had growing up that knew all the updated trending styles and ways to elevate your look. Whether the look you are going for is professional, active, daring or cosy our team will construct a look that suits your individual style and body type. We will ensure that you have all the right pieces to enhance your own unique look and boost your confidence, yay!

After choosing your outfits, you'll be pampered in our Makeup glamour chairs by our expert Glam team to enhance your beauty for you and a your friend!


 WHY you should enter this competition

  • Help styling to your particular body shape, discover a whole new you with our styling experts
  • Need help finding your style personality 
  • Need help matching colours for your skin tone
  • You've never had a personalized styling session before, 
  • Help updating your wardrobe
  • Stuck in the same old style and not sure how to upgrade your look 
  • Kinda wish you had a "big sister" to help with those tricky outfit choices


Our team of product and industry experts will guide you through our extensive range of stylish and empowering clothing and accessories for women. From our best-selling Mana Puhoro Leggings in Black to the Wāhine Toa Shoulder Bag, we have everything you need to look and feel like a strong, brave and confident warrior woman.

To enter the contest, simply fill out the form below with your name, email address, and a brief description of why you would like to win the activewear styling session.

Our team will carefully review all entries and select one lucky winner based on your creativity and enthusiasm! From there the hardest part for you will be choosing which one of your besties will be your "plus one".

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your activewear game and discover the perfect pieces that will empower you to conquer your fitness journey.

Enter now for your chance to win!!


* Enter your name and details and a separate entry for your plus one. This can be anyone you think will benefit from this amazing opportunity.

* Held at a Auckland location, all travel costs to the studio are at winners own cost. 
*Giveaway only available for NZ residents

By entering this contest, you agree to be available at a selected Auckland location on weekend date that both parties agree to meet in April 

Winners agree to be filmed and shared on our social media pages and website.
Winner drawn April 16th 7pm and will be notified on social media and email address. Please enter in your correct email address ladies 

1 entry per person 

Tell all your friends, sisters, cousins to enter to nominate you!

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