Reversible Mint Bomber Jacket

Just landed!

Your Spring wardrobe just stepped up a level with Wahine Toa's Reversible Mint Bomber Jacket. This bomber jacket is all about embracing duality, fierce looks, and individuality.

Two Vibes, One Jacket: Flip between two killer looks depending on your mood.

Minty Fresh Edge: Rock that quilted mint side for a bold statement.

All About Those Pockets: With 4 pockets, we've got your back, no matter which side you're rocking.

Dual Zips: Change up your look on the fly with zips tailored for both styles.

Warm & Fly: Crafted with a thick polyester blend and plush filling, because you should never have to choose between comfort and cool.

True-to-You Fit: Designed true to size, this bomber promises a fit that's as authentic as your vibe.


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